Already electronic newspaper: Israeli authorities released the Saudi citizen Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al-Atwi has held for years, and came to the United States, according to a Saudi lawyer writer-Shammari. Visitor Count : 2951 | More
 Attorney-Shammari is no truth to the release from Israeli prisons Atwi  Riyadh newspaper said the lawyer, author and agent-Shammari Saudi detainee's famil
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 RIYADH (Reuters) - Several Arab newspapers published during the previous two days, news about the recent Israeli decision issued against Saudi detainee Abdul Rahman Al-Atwi in Israel, and the position of attorney author-Shammari (Under-Atwi family).
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 Al-Riyadh: - A family of the prisoner Abdul Rahman Al-Atwi statement confirms the safety of the position of attorney author-Shammari and commends his efforts in the case and renewed confidence in him to follow the trial-Atwi, came in response to the statement the President of the National Assembly for Human Rights, Dr. Mufleh Al-Qahtani about the faltering case Atwi because of the lawyer. Visitor Count : 3147 | More
 Demanded that the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, the Israeli government, the release of the Saudi citizen detained in prisons Zionism Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al-Atwi, noting that it will contribute to support the costs of the defense.Was confirmed by Dr. Saleh bin Sulaiman Wahaibi Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, that the decision of the symposium to support the costs of the defense of the Saudi citizen is being held by the occupation authorities of Zionism, launched from the duty of the symposium and its humanitarian role, and contribution to cover the costs of law firms that defend the citizen detained in Zionist jails. 
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 Okaz newspaper reported in its edition on Saturday, 13/4/1429 H, Visitor Count : 2995 | More
 In a follow-up question a detained Saudi in Israel, Abdul Rahman Al-Atwi and continued to pursue sustained efforts, in coordination with the Mandela Foundation in occupied Palestine, I received a call and a letter from a lawyer Buthaina Duqmaq follow-up to the issue of Atwi included in response to my request of them to visit Atwi in prison and prepare a report about his legal and humanitarian law. Visitor Count : 3028 | More
 The lawyer and writer-Shammari agent in Israel, Saudi 
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